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provide authentic Instagram & Tik Tok engagement, community management, as well as coaching services for those who want to up level their social media so they can start monetizing their business or personal brand, grow an online community, and maximize digital exposure. 

 I have worked on the inside / outside of influencer marketing and public relations with over 10 years of experience. I've worked with my clients to develop the best strategies to grow & manage clients accounts, create viral worthy comments to create everlasting connections, as well  


Think of me as your personal social media concierge here to help YOU maximize your engagement, get clear on who you are and what you offer, gain REAL + GENUINE followers, improve the content you post, and most importantly- help you get the success on social media that you deserve! 


If you have already tried everything and nothing is working for you, I can guarantee that we will come up with unique content, engage with a new audience, change the way you think about social media, and come up with out of the box ways to get you to where you want to be on Instagram & social media as a whole.

I am also the creator of  The Curated Chic Facebook group, which I made as an effort to connect influencers, creatives, and small business owners. In the Facebook group, we have a group of over 10 thousand incredible people who help and support each other daily. Click the Facebook icon at the top of this page to come join us! 

NEW! Curated Collab: for Digital Creatives in Social Media, PR, & Branding. Facebook group for digital creatives to network with each other, promote your business, and get new work. This is perfect for anyone who is in social media management, PR, Graphic design, SEO, copywriting, or any other online creative business. 


Interested in working with me? Tell me more!

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