Starting a Blog 101

So you want to start a blog? Here are some simple tips to help you get started:

There are a couple questions you may want to ask yourself before starting your blog:

What is the reason you are starting a blog?

What type of blog will it be? Fashion, lifestyle, fitness, interior design etc

#1 Choose a name for your blog. Try to come up with something creative and different to make yourself stand out. You may want to pick a name that has something to do with the type of blog

#2 Determine your niche. Choosing a "niche" in the blogger world is very important. You should think about choosing something that you are good at and can be of service to others. Think "stick to what you know". Sometimes it can get confusing with so many different topics so it is important to have a focus.

#3 Pick a platform to start your blog on. I use Wix, but there are plenty of other options like Square Space, Wordpress and so many more-do the research to see which one is best for you! You can start with a free domain on most of these websites but if you want your own domain you will have to either buy one or use it through your host website.

#4 Design a theme for your blog. Do your research first. Look at other blog themes that you like and decide what works best for you and your blog. Think about what your readers may want to see. Colors and images can play a very big part in design. Make sure your blog looks great so that people actually want to come and check it out and be engaged.

#5 Start writing blog posts. After you determine your niche and what your blog is going to be about start writing content. I would suggest asking your friends and family what they would be interested in reading about to get some ideas.

#Promote your blog. Promote your hard work to your friends and family. Post your link on your Facebook or Instagram to get the word out!

Hope this helps! Feel free to DM me on Instagram to ask me any other questions about starting a blog you may have.


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