How to: Cohesive Feeds

I tell all my clients one of the most important factors when it comes to your Instagram is the look of it. COHESIVE FEEDS MATTER. Cohesive feeds tend to have a more clean and organized look.

1. Decide what kind of look you want your feed to have and if there will be a theme.

-Will your feed be mostly blush? Will it be bright and white? Will it be white with pops of color?

2. When deciding which pictures you want to add to your feed ASK YOURSELF: "Will this photo go with my feed". I always make sure that when I shoot content or when I use a picture that the colors go with my feed. I'm crazy about making sure my feed is equal of all parts: colors, dark/white.

For example it's not the best idea to have an all white feed with two green photos next to each other. Instead, you will want to plan it so that the green photos are spaced with other white photos in between them.

3. Download apps like Unum or Planoly to help you plan out your feed before you post the pictures so you are able to play around to see what looks good. I use Unum as it is very helpful and it also comes with a variety of analytics.

4. I would suggest using pictures with blank space in the background-a marble table or a wall of some sort. The blank space makes for breaking up any darker or busier pictures (which brings me to my next point)

Also, brighter and whiter pictures tend to make for better cohesive feeds.

5. Stay away from dark, busy photos - ESPECIALLY next to each other.

Here are some examples of cohesive feeds:

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