The Main EVENT!

Do you ever notice how other bloggers attend posh store openings and various parties? Well that could be you too! I was in this position a couple months ago and I decided to take matters into my own hands. Keep reading if you want to meet other bloggers and get invited to local events.

I found the best way to get an invite to events is to reach out to local PR agencies because they are usually the powerhouse behind the scenes promoting and getting influencers to come to events. Send local PR firms an email or DM introducing yourself and send them your social platforms. Tell them you are a blogger and would love to be included in any future events if possible (ask nicely!) Hopefully they will add you to their email list and invite you to local events in the future.

The next way to get yourself more involved is to reach out to local bloggers/influencers/creatives. Research if there are any local Facebook groups or meet ups that you could join. Reach out to people and introduce yourself and maybe even plan a meet up. Getting yourself acquainted with other locals in the industry can help you meet more people and attend more events. Networking is KEY and can lead to so many amazing opportunities.

Network network network!!!

Hope this helps!

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