Tip Tuesday Guest: Christie Ferrari

My second Tip Tuesday guest is fashion blogger: Christie Ferrari. Christie blogs out of New York but she is always traveling and is originally from Miami! Christie started in clinical psychology but switched to blogging full time. Christie has over 300k followers on Instagram and has has a very successful career thus far in blogging. I love Christie because she always takes the time to respond to my comments and messages AND she goes the extra mile to engage on her followers pages.

Christies Advice:

The main three items I'd tell anyone starting out are simple: focus on quality, engage with followers & peers and have fun. Focusing on quality is important because at the end of the day, we're content creators. People will follow content that they find aspirational, inspirational, relatable or informative. It needs to add some value to their lives. A blurry image, or bad content could be the difference between a follower and a former follower. Each time you post, someone will determine whether what you're putting out there is worth their following and time and just as it's super easy to hit "follow" after finding a good picture or article, it's just as easy to hit "unfollow". The second item might be common sense for some, but you'd be surprised. You have to engage your audience and engage your colleagues. The way I see it, if someone took a moment out of their day to comment on my image, when they're overwhelmed most of the time by 1000s of things, I better do my best to comment back. As far as colleagues and peers are concerned, the blogging industry is a very supportive group - if you support them, many will support you. The third item is to have fun. Don't get lost in the quest for money, fame, numbers or something else just because other people do it, or it looks cool. You have to enjoy what you do. Have fun with it and it'll show in your work, and eventually lead back to item 1 above of putting together good, quality, content.

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