Tip Tuesday Guest: Jeff Mindell

I'm really excited to announce a segment I'm starting called Tip Tuesday on my Instagram. Tip Tuesday is for the biggest creatives and bloggers in the industry to give their best advice for my followers exclusively.

Jeff Mindell is my first Tip Tuesday guest! Jeff is a famous photographer who has worked with amazing brands such as Starbucks, Sugarfina, Create+Cultivate & many many more. He is best known for his colorful photos. Jeff is also the husband of Kelly Mindell who owns Studio DIY which is a very popular Instagram and store. He is also a new photo to Arlo who is the CUTEST child ever! I am a huge fan of Jeff's work and he has always been so nice from the beginning, so that's why I chose Jeff to be my first Tip Tuesday Guest.

Jeff's best advice:

"I always tell people to just be you and not be anyone else. Consumers and followers can see right through inauthenticity so I think if you just be yourself (your WHOLE self), sharing the whole picture, imperfections and all, people appreciate that."

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