Why your EMAIL is so Important

You NEED to have your email easily available on your social media channels and website and this is why:

1. So brands can easily contact you for brand collaborations.

2. Contact about attending local events

3. Questions/concerns from your followers

Here's the deal: I have done outreach for PR agencies/brands so i've been on the other side of the search for influencers and creatives on their platforms. I found it so frustrating when I had to contact someone and their email was not easily available to find on their Instagram or website. People do not want to have to fill out an entire form on your website, or spend 5 minutes just looking for our contact information- trust me on this one. If I was searching for someone's contact and I could not find it, I would just move onto the next person (which would mean a lost opportunity for you!) People can direct message on Instagram or your website, but most people tend to prefer email over DM because it is more professional, more straight forward, and easier to keep track of.

So many amazing opportunities can come from your email, so make sure it is front and center on your social channels and website!

xo CC I would not want anyone to miss out on a great opportunity because of this, so make sure you have your email front of center!

xoxo CC

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