How I grew my Instagram to 1K in 1 month

Are you trying to grow your Instagram account but unsure of how to do it? I am going to let you in on my secrets as to how I grew my new Instagram account @thecuratedchic to 1 thousand followers in only 1 month!

The prerequisite to the steps below is that you must create a fabulous looking Instagram account. The idea is to create an Instagram that people WANT to follow along with. I talk about cohesive and creative feeds in another blog post if you need inspiration and ideas. It is very important to have your feed looking top notch at all times. You first 6 pictures leave a lasting impression (or not so much) on whoever visits your Instagram profile. Make sure to have a theme/color scheme and great content or none of the steps below will be 100% successful. The effort that you put forward on the steps below will determine what kind of outcome you receive.

1. FRIENDS & FAMILY- The most obvious way to first grow your Instagram is to tell friends and family about your new account. Use Facebook or a previous Instagram account as a way to blast it to your friends and family. Let them know you have started a new Instagram and would love for them to follow along!

I have another account which I have grown upwards of 11k, so I used this to cross promote my new Instagram- which I know may not realistic for many who do not have these kind of numbers so just work with what you got!

2. FACEBOOK GROUPS**- Facebook is one of the most valuable tools that I use to gain Instagram followers. There are many Facebook groups focused around Instagram engagement for bloggers and business owners that have follow threads. This means that once a week the Facebook groups have a thread where everyone posts their Instagram links. In Instagram follow threads, you are required to follow others & in return they will follow you back. Facebook has been a GAME CHANGER for my Instagram growth.

In The Curated Chic Facebook group, I give away all of the best Facebook groups who host follow threads, when they are posted, and much more!

3. HASHTAGS- Relevant hashtags are extremely important when posting content. When I first created @thecuratedchic, just my hashtags alone would help me to gain about 10 followers+ per post. Use hashtags that are similar to the kind of content you are posting. If you need guidance, do your research to see what hashtags others are using that work or research best hashtags in your niche.

4. COMMENTS- I can't stress this step enough. Comments are so important when it comes to engagement and growing your audience. I go through my feed and comment on a bunch of big accounts with 200 comments or less and people find me through this! I've had amazing success with comments so make sure you take the time to engage. Sometimes after I go on a comment spree I find that I am able to gain about 5 new followers each time!

Disclaimer: Instagram has limits on the amount of comments you are able to leave per hour so be vigilant.

5. DO YOUR RESEARCH- Make sure that you are constantly connecting with new accounts. Go through geo tags of locations you love to find new accounts to connect with. Go through the comments of feeds you love to find likewise individuals. If you leave genuine comments and likes- those people are most likely going to return to your feed to show you the same love! Do your research on other accounts meaning: what makes them so successful? Are they using a certain filter? What is their content like? Are they providing something for their followers?

Disclaimer: just because something works for someone else DOES NOT mean it will work for you. By doing this I simply mean to get inspired by others, not copy!

6. CONSISTENCY- You should be posting content AT LEAST once a day to start, if not more! If you can't post once a day, then you better be commenting up a storm to make up for it! It is so important to be consistent keeping up with follow threads and engagement. Remember, the more effort you put in, is the result that you will see in return- and I promise it will be great!

So to recap:

-Tell all your friends, family, and anyone you meet about your new Instagram. Post your Instagram link everywhere possible!

-Use Facebook groups to utilize follow threads

-Use relevant hashtags

-Comments for engagement

-Do your research on others feeds

-Be consistent with posting content, follow threads, and engagement.

Hope this helps!!!

xx CC

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