How Facebook has been a GAME CHANGER for my business

If you are not utilizing Facebook, then you are doing it ALL wrong! There are SO many incredible Facebook groups that cater towards social media engagement that are filled with bloggers and business owners like myself! Facebook groups have been a serious GAME CHANGER for my business and i'll tell you why:

1. Connecting and Collaborating with others: I have met so many other amazing entrepreneurs and business babes through Facebook groups. Whether it's through comments, messages, or follow threads, I always end up connecting with awesome likewise girls! People are always questions in the groups and someone else can be looking for exactly what YOU have to offer!

2. Promote yourself and your business: Once you are in a Facebook group: make a post to introduce yourself, give a quick elevator pitch, and attach your social media handles. Facebook groups usually have thousands of likewise entrepreneurs, so think of it as a bigger platform to promote yourself!

3. Instagram Engagement: Many Facebook groups have posts for daily Instagram engagement in which you can drop your latest Instagram to exchange engagement with other members of the group. You can gain daily likes and comments for your newest posts.

4. Instagram Followers: Some of the Facebook groups also have follow threads where everyone drops their Instagram link and it is required to follow each other. I have gained hundreds of followers through some of the groups that i'm in! I also like to go through the follow threads to find new feeds that I can connect with and follow.

5. Pinterest: Facebook groups have Pinterest follow and pin for pin threads where you can follow others and pin each others pins! Pinterest has become a very important platform that can be extremely beneficial help drive traffic to your website/blog.

There are SO many more reasons of why I love Facebook so much, but most importantly, it is an incredible tool to grow your following and promote yourself. There are hundreds of incredible Facebook groups and each of them are a new space and platform to show off your skills or business. Make the most out of Facebook groups by finding at least five to be apart of and engage engage engage! Even though it takes time and effort to engage and scope out within the Facebook groups, the return is exponential!!!

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