Why you need to start utilizing PINTEREST ASAP!

The point of having a website or blog is to drive traffic to your site so that people can buy/read what you are offering. You want to have the maximum amount of views possible on your website/blog to be able to sell your product, promote ads, etc. Pinterest is just another great platform to promote your site.

When you think of the most important social media channels you probably think of Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest is different yet extremely useful social media platform. If you have a blog, you should definitely be utilizing Pinterest. It is much more than just re pins and I will tell you why:

1. Blog Traffic- Those who have mastered Pinterest say that it is their number 1 source of traffic for their blog. When you make a pin, you are able to attach your website/blog so when pinners click your pin- it leads them straight to your website.

Pinterest has a TON of traffic so it is just another platform to get your blog out there.

2. Pinterest Engagement- Your Pinterest activity should be 60% repins 40% your own pins.

Create graphics using Canva for your pins that are bright and colorful with beautiful photos and catching titles to draw people in. Make sure to attach your website or blog post in your pin so pinners can have quick access to your site.

I plan on doing another blog post ASAP more into detail about how to get your pins to go viral! Here are some example of some pin covers I have made:

3. Group Boards- Group boards are large communal boards within Pinterest that people use to re pin each other. Some group boards have thousands of contributors, which is just another way to get your pins out there. Having your pins go viral means more traffic to your blog/website! You can search on Pinterest "group boards" and there are many articles and links of groups to join.

4. More Analytics- Sign up for a Pinterest business account which allows you to view your daily and monthly views. You are also able to see which pins did the best + much more!

5. Use for Affiliate Links- I don't really use affiliate links but I've also heard of people making lots of $$$$ by pinning their affiliate links. If you are interested, I would highly suggest researching this topic because it seems to be very useful.

As I mentioned before in my blog post about Facebook groups, there are tons of blogger groups and event more Pinterest specific groups that host Pinterest pin for pins and follow for follow. I make sure to post all of my pins in the Facebook group for maximum re pins (a start to having your pins go viral). The more people who see and re pin your pins, means more traffic for you!

After I realized how powerful Pinterest really is, I jumped on that train quickly. I started re pinning at least 20 pins a day, as well as creating my own pins. I have definitely seen a huge jump in traffic to my blog and I hope to grow it much larger!

Hope this helps! XO cc

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