How I use Crystals for Daily Work Stress and Anxiety

I've always struggled from anxiety, which was one of the main reasons why I decided to start my own business. I used to suffer from panic attacks and I still do occasionally, but I have them mostly under control now. I've learned that my anxiety can be controlled since it just my brain manipulating me into thinking things are worse than they really are. You too, can control your anxiety and i'll let you in on a little secret on how I did it.. MINDSET.

Your mindset is everything. YOU control what kind of day you're going to have based on the way you view things. If you think to yourself "wow today sucks" and mope around about how bad your day is...let's just say you ARE going to have a bad day.

Imagine this.. Wake up and remind yourself how lucky you are to be alive and think of all the amazing factors of your life such as your health, family, job, a house over your head. If you remind yourself of all the good in your life and can focus on the positives.. you will most likely have a GREAT day. It really is THAT easy. Catch yourself in your negative thoughts and redirect them to something positive.

Now for the fun stuff:

What are crystals?

Crystal healing is used to get rid of negative energy or absorb positive energy. People used crystals for everything!

Crystals have been a huge help to me in curing my anxiety and panic attacks. Although you may think i'm crazy for believing in a rock...just hear me out. In all honesty, crystals may be some what of a "placebo effect" and I will be the first to admit that. To me, crystals are something I can believe in and have with me in case of an emergency. I have various crystals that are mainly used for anxiety, grounding, and business.

The other day, I was feeling extra anxious on my way to an event. I felt a panic attack coming on. I hadn't had a full blown panic attack in months! On my way out the door, I grabbed two of my best crystals that were best suited for anxiety and on the car ride there, I focused only on my crystals and what they could do to help me. I know this may sound like a bunch of craziness, but if you have something with you that you BELIEVE could help you...then so be it!!!

I also picked up a couple pieces of Citrine, which is the "merchants stone" and supposed to be good for acquiring wealth and maintaining it (and many other things) I had mainly picked it up in honor of wanting my business to take off and good vibes regarding that. The day after I purchased my citrine, the flood gates opened, and I had the most clients I had EVER had that week- I couldn't believe it! Whether it was a coincidence or not, I do believe that these stones can be a very powerful tool for the mind, body, and soul!

So now you ask: How do I use crystals?

Start with setting an intention for what you need that crystal to do. Hold the crystal in your hand and think of the energy that it is giving you. Focus on the color of the crystal and picture that in your head.

Which crystals should you pick?

Pick crystals that speak to you! Are you drawn to certain colors or shapes? Usually, you are drawn to what you need the most in your life.

There are 7 Chakras which are listed and explained below:

Crystals go along with chakras usually based on colors. So a crystal like Amethyst, which is a purple stone, would be related to the third eye chakra and dealing with issues based on that!

Some of my favorite crystals that I use are:

Hematite- Known as the stress stone. Hematite is good for balancing, grounding, becoming balanced and clear, focusing your thoughts etc

Howlite- Known as one of the “attunement stones” which link the user to higher spiritual consciousness. Help to reduce anxiety, tensions and stress. Howlite can be used to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression and assist in the elimination of pain, stress and/or rage.

Citrine- Known as the merchant stone for its wealth properties. Also food for healing the spiritual self and it is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It carries the virtues of self-healing, inspiration and self-improvement.

Black Agate- Black Agate, like all black stones, is a grounding and protective crystal. It gives a calming peace that helps those during a period of bereavement. Black Agate gives inner strength to move on and is also very helpful in keeping the peace in stressful households.

Moonstone- Brings hope, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities. It is also said to bring strong energies of abundance to one's life. Moonstone is a stone of protection. It is a stone of calm and relief from emotional stress.

I'm definitely no expert on crystals or chakras as I am just learning all of this myself, but I believe that mindset and crystals can be a very powerful duo in fighting anxiety, depression, and many other issues. If you are interested, I would suggest looking into a local crystal store. Even visiting a crystal store, I always feel super relaxed and re energized when I leave, so I would definitely suggest it!

Hope this helps XO cc

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