Everything you need to know about Pinterest Group Boards!

A Pinterest group board is similar to a regular Pinterest board, the only difference being that rather than 1 organizer, there are several. In a group board on Pinterest, there are multiple contributors who all pin on the same board. Group boards are meant to boost Pinterest traffic for everyone participating.

How Group Boards Work: 1 person starts the board and allows access to others to be able to pin. You have to be invited into a group board- you cannot just join on your own. Once you are accepted as a contributor, you will pin your own pins to the group board. Most of the time there will be rules for the group board being that you have to pin others pins in return for them pinning yours.

How to Find Group Boards: I found group boards by searching "Pinterest Group Boards" on Pinterest- seems self explanatory (I know) but there are tons of pins that will lead you blogs with lists of group boards to join. I felt like I had found a gold mine! I also found group boards through the Facebook groups that I am in. There are plenty of Facebook groups based around Pinterest engagement as well where you can find group boards. To find group boards through Facebook groups I simply put out requests to ask if anyone has group boards open for new contributors about blogging/social media/entrepreneurship (which is mainly what I make pins/blog about)

How to Join a Group Board: Usually in the information section of the group board there will be an email of the creator. They will ask that you email them to request to be in their group board. Some will include a link in their board information for you to fill out with all of your Pinterest information. I would suggest attaching your information such as your Pinterest URL and the email that is associated with your Pinterest. I would also tell them what kind of board you are interested in joining (if they have multiple) or explain what genre of pins you are interested in.

Why Group Boards are so Important: Group Boards have made all the difference for me in my blogging journey. On pins you can attach your website so that when someone see your cover pin, they can click your pin and it will lead them straight to your website. Pinterest group boards allow your pins to have maximum exposure since everyone will be re pinning them. REMEMBER: the more people who re pin and see your pins= more traffic to your website! Every time someone re pins your pins they are shown to whoever follows them as well (and that could be thousands of people)!

My pins went from being re pinned 0 times to being re pinned up to 30+ times!!!

Get ready for this: My blog traffic is up by the hundreds!

Here is an example of what a group board looks like (these are all my pins but a group board looks the exact same way just with difference contributors pins)

People don't realize how powerful Pinterest truly is. If you have a website, blog, or a product to sell, I would HIGHLY recommend using Pinterest!

Keep an eye out for a blog post about how to make your own pins and get them to go viral :)

*** If you would like to join my Pinterest group board please follow me at pinterest.com/catecolechic and send an email to catecolechic@gmail.com with your Pinterest username! ***

Hope this helps XX cc

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