Canva: Create Professional Graphics Yourself with this Free Design Tool

If you have never heard of Canva, it's a free graphic design tool website where you can create custom designs. I use Canva for Pinterest pin graphics, social media graphics, Facebook page graphics, media kits and the list goes on and on. Canva has become my go to for EVERYTHING and I highly highly suggest checking it out. I am going to teach you the basics so you too, can make your own designs:

So when you get to this will be the first thing you see:

Above is mainly just choices for sizing purposes. I would suggest Pinterest graphic for making Pins because of its horizontal nature. Social Media graphic is good for Instagram or Facebook and so on. It pretty much tells you which size graphic would be good for what you are looking to create.

Once you choose your graphic size it will bring you to this page:

Here you will start to create your graphic. On the left side there are ready made templates that you can start from, which I would definitely suggest. You can put your own pictures, text, and colors in.

This is an example of a graphic I created in Canva:

Canva is quite easy to maneuver so it is simple to change your text and add images + shapes to make it look professional.

There are also some really nice templates to make a media kit on Canva. A media kit is basically a nice way of presenting your social media stats to brands and businesses to pitch them yourself and your brand for collaborations. You can create a media kit yourself with these pretty and ready-made templates that look very professional! Would highly suggest looking into designing a media kit if you are a blogger or influencer looking for collabs!

If you need help with your designs, I would research what kind of look you are going for beforehand, so that you have an idea of what you want to create. For Example, when I am creating Pinterest Pins, I look on Pinterest first to see which pins went viral and what kind of look they have. Stay tuned for another blog post on how to design Pinterest Pins that are bound to go viral.

I hope this helps! xx CC

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