What to do if your Instagram Following Becomes Stagnant

Do you ever feel like you get to a certain number of followers on Instagram and can't ever get past it? Well you're in luck, because i'm here to help! Here are some ways to grow your following when you feel like you are stuck:

1. Mindset/Manifesting: This may sound strange, but it's definitely one of the most important steps. If you 100% put your mind to something and want it badly enough, then you CAN and WILL make it happen.

Let me give you an example: the other day I was feeling as if my Instagram following was at a total standstill and I could NOT get past a certain point. I thought to myself "you know what, I'm going to make this happen no if ands or buts!" and I took the necessary steps to make it happen. I set a number in my head that I was happy with and committed to achieving it.

So what is manifesting? Manifesting means to intentionally create something that you want. Manifestation can be an extremely useful tool in any part of your life. Everybody has the ability to manifest something in their life, whatever it may be. In this case, we will be manifesting our Instagram following! Set a goal for yourself, go after it, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

2. Ask Questions: What I mean by this is- Ask yourself if your Instagram is providing top notch content to attract people to your feed? If not, then you need to reconsider what you're doing and how you can turn it around so that it is able to translate into more followers. The reality is: if your Instagram feed looks like sh*t, who's going to want to follow you?! (NO ONE) I tell my clients to pick 5 of their favorite (aesthetic wise) Instagram feeds and see what they are doing to ensure followers. Figure out what you need to tweak and change to make your feed look top notch so you too, are attracting people that WANT to check out your Instagram feed and stick around.

3. Create it yourself: Since my Instagram following seemed to be lacking, I took it upon myself to take matters into my own hands. I am a firm believer in the amount of work you put into something, is what you will see in return. I realized what I wanted wasn't happening, so I needed to put in the work so that it WOULD turn into a reality. I made a post in a couple Facebook groups letting people know I would love to connect with some new faces and offered a follow for follow thread.

You all know I rave about Facebook groups, so make sure to TAKE ADVANTAGE of them. Make a post in the groups that you are already in or make sure you keep up with current follow feeds that the moderators of the Facebook group curate. If you already keep up with follow feeds in various groups, join a couple of new groups to ensure that you are connecting with new people. Join an Instagram pod where it is necessary to follow everyone in the pod! The opportunities are endless!

I would also encourage you to engage, engage, engage! I get followers by constantly connecting and commenting on new accounts. I will go through my favorite locations and like + comment on new profiles and when they come back to your feed to check it out, maybe they will throw you a follow too!

4. Get yourself out there: Sometimes it's important to put down your phone for a bit and attend local events and get togethers for bloggers. It's great to have support from local girls who have the same mission as you. I attended a blogger brunch the other day in Philadelphia, and surprisingly, most of the girls I had never met before. It was a great opportunity to meet new people! All the girls that were in attendance asked for my handle and followed me! Forming in person and genuine connections is a great way to establish and support system on social media. Some of the girls I met tagged me in their Instagram stories, which is also great for exposure, and I ended up getting a bunch of followers from that (local Philly followers too!)

Moral of the story: you have to work for it! Put your mind to it and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Hope this helps! XO cc

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