How to Grow your Pinterest & Make Money Doing it!

Currently, I am OBSESSED with Pinterest. People may not realize how powerful Pinterest really is.. so let me break it down for you:

1. Think of Pinterest as a search engine over a social media platform. There are millions of pinners everyday on Pinterest meaning the web traffic on this site is INSANE!!!! When you need to look for a recipe or idea.. where do you go? PINTEREST!

SEO is super important when it comes to Pinterest growth because it is a search engine.

Keywords are literally the KEY to Pinterest SEO. If you want to be found, you need to use keywords in your bio, board descriptions, pin descriptions, and basically anything you can add a description on.

To find your keywords:

Type in the subject that you are pinning about and automatically the most associated searches will come up and those are your key words! Try to use them in complete sentences to describe your pin or in hashtags!

Hashtags are also useful for SEO purposes!

I set a goal for myself to create 10 new pins and repin at least 20 pins a day! Since I have kept this goal going, I have seen a huge increase in analytics and traffic.

2. Engagement. REMEMBER: Facebook groups are your best friend when it comes to any kind of engagement or growth! There are plenty of Blogger & Pinterest based Facebook groups where you can leverage your Pinterest profile and pins. Utilize these groups to get followers, repins, and to join group boards.

Group boards are another way to get your pins to be seen by a high amount of pinners. I am a contributor in about 20 group boards and I make sure to post my pins in them as much as possible.

You want to be repinning 60% and pinning your own original pins 40%

I love to pin my original pins or affiliate pins to group boards!

So now you ask... how can I make money on Pinterest?


I use my affiliate links in the website url for my pins of my favorite items. I go through websites that participate in the Shop Style Collective affiliate program to find items that I love and I pin them with my affiliate links.

Check it out below for an example:

Because of the high amount of traffic on Pinterest, your pins with affiliate links can make you money if pinners click the link or even buy the products!

Hope this helps! Xo cc



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