How to Seriously Kill it on Pinterest

I feel like i've finally cracked the Pinterest listen up because this blog post is GOLD!

Here is how you too, can kill it on Pinterest:

1. First, you need to make sure your Pinterest profile looks legit. You will want to have a good profile picture that looks "on brand" or professional because it's the first thing that people see when they come across your Pinterest. I will explain later on why this is so important, but I follow lots of profiles on Pinterest, and the first thing I look at is the pinners profile picture to see if they are a legitimate profile.

You will also want to very clearly define who you are and what you do. Below is an example of my bio- I pin about fashion and social media tips so I have that front and center in my bio. It is very important to have SEO keywords in your bio so you come up in Pinterest searches.

2. BE CONSISTENT. I'm sure everyone has told you this before but it's 100% the truth. I make sure to pin 10 of my own original pins about 3-4 times a day and repin about 20 pins from others. I know it seems tedious, but you are laying out your golden ticket to a Pinterest growth, blog traffic, or a passive income.

3. FOLLOWS. You should be following people in your niche ALL.DAY.LONG. I go through profiles that I love to see who they follow and I look for interesting looking accounts. This leads me back to #1 because if your profile does not look legit- nobody is going to follow you! This also applies to any social media accounts! You should be following at least 50 people a day but the more people you follow, the better! I promise you will see a huge return. I am now getting 100 followers a day! Pinterest now has an explore page for people, so I will go through that to find people as well. I've seen a huge increase in followers ever since I started doing this.

4. KEYWORDS. Since Pinterest is a search engine, you want to make sure that you are using SEO keywords in your descriptions so your pins are able to be found. When you are making a pin, think about what you would search for if you were looking for that pin. Use long phrases that people would look for when searching for something such as "Women's Summer Dresses".

All of your keywords to use are given when you search for something:

5. GROUP BOARDS. Since I do not use any automation services like Tailwind, I think group boards can be very beneficial for growing your Pinterest. It is just another way have your pins seen by more people.

I know it's a lot, but if you put in the effort I PROMISE you will see great results!

Hope this helps!!!

xo CC

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