Suraya: A Middle Eastern Gem in the Middle of Philadelphia

I have been dying to try Suraya, a lebanese restaurant after hearing so many good things about it.

Well guess what? I went - and it did NOT disappoint! I went with my friend Sam who runs a Philadelphia food Instagram (@phlfoodstagram). We were greeted by one of the lovely owners who gave us a tour and a run down of the menu.

What we ordered:

Orange Blossom Iced Tea- so refreshing and delicious. I am a HUGE tea fan and I was definitely very keen with the flavor that I chose. I made them put rose petals on top, which doesn't normally come with this iced tea, but I wanted it for the presentation :)

Traditional Hummus- by far my favorite hummus in Philadelphia now! I was a fan of Dizengoffs israeli style hummus and this is pretty similar but I liked this better!

Za'atar with tomato, onion, long hot peppers, cheese, and an egg- Za'atar is a Lebanese flatbread. It was almost like a pizza but the crust was more thin and crispy and definitely more like a flatbread. It was incredibly tasty!

Although we only stopped by for lunch, I thoroughly enjoyed everything we ordered and I will most certainly be returning! They now also offer dinner service as well.

TIP: If you want to snag the homemade Lebanese pastries, arrive early, because we were too late and weren't able to try any!

Suraya is transforming the back into a gorgeous outdoor dining space. Walking outside, I couldn't even believe I was still in the United States, as it genuinely felt like I was dining in the Mediterranean.

Would 10/10 suggest Suraya to others!

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