The Ultimate Guide to Growing your Instagram

HIIIIIII guys, i'm back! This post is for the people who are looking for the best tips to grow their Instagram. I did a similar post a while back but Instagram is ALWAYS changing so I thought it was important to bring you all back up to digital speed a bit!

First things first.

AESTHETIC: I always say this but it's SO true: nobody's going to want to follow you if your Instagram looks like sh*t. I hope you all don't mind me being brutally honest, but someone had to say it! Your aesthetic is super important when it comes to your Instagram. If you are having a hard time figuring out what your look or feel should be for your feed, I would suggest doing your digital research. Look at hundreds accounts and see what you like and don't like about other feeds. Do these feeds have a warmer tint? Is there a common color theme?

Come up with 5 feeds you LOVE and go from there. I would never suggest copying, but take your own fun spin on things!

I get this question a lot when it comes to a theme: what filters should I use to make my feed cohesive? YES I think that a filter can very much enhance a photo or feed, but it's more about the type of photos you take. (I like VSCO for filters, and snapseed/facetune for editing) There are also tons of presets that you can get in apps like lightroom as well! It's important to have a look or theme because when you take your photos- you should have your "look" in mind so you know what kind of content you should be shooting. If you are going for a light/bright feed, then you definitely don't want to be taking all of your photos at night. Instead, opt for blank surfaces, walls, natural light etc!

I would suggest downloading free apps such as UNUM to organize your photos ahead of time to make sure it all fits like a puzzle!

ENGAGEMENT: Engagement is KEY! Think of Instagram like a friendship: if you don't put in any effort to hang out with your friends, they most likely wont stick around! It is eminent that you are putting in time to leave genuine comments and engage with your following AND new accounts.

If you're not putting in the effort to engage, you will most definitely NOT be found in the large world of Instagram. I make sure to go through my feed multiple times a day and leave 4+ word genuine comments on others Instagram!

I constantly do my research to find new accounts by going through accounts I love to see who they are following (because odds are I will like their account as well) and I will like/comment/follow those accounts. Repeat these steps on multiple accounts. Most of the time these accounts will come back to your feed and show you the same love, and maybe even follow back! You can also go through geo tagged locations and hashtags to find new accounts. For instance, I like to look at local trendy spots or niche hashtags such as #ihavethisthingwithpink to search for new accounts!

I promise, if you put in the effort, you will see the results!

CONTENT: The quality of your content also matters! It's a good idea to think of your followers and consider what they want to see and hear. Do your followers react better to photos of yourself or photos of food? This is where analytics come into play. Pay attention to your most liked photos- is there a common theme between them?

Another aspect of content to keep in mind: Are you providing something for your followers to take away from your Instagram? Meaning, your followers are most likely to stick around if there is some kind of information they can learn from you. For me, I teach my followers social media tips and tricks and I give away the best places to visit in Philadelphia. Consider what YOU can do to help YOUR followers!

But wait, we're not done with content just yet! Let's talk REPOSTS! If you can create images that will be reposted by brands that have thousands of followers...thats putting your content in front of the eyes of even MORE people! I noticed that a lot of the bloggers that have had rapid growth have really great images that brands can re use on their own social media channels- this is called UGC (user generated content). Keep this in mind when you are shooting content because it can be a HUGE key to your Instagram success!

COMMUNITY: Join some kind of online/in person community for your Instagram. There are tons of Facebook groups for Instagram influencers that provide support such as likes and followers. You can even get together a local blogger girl gang! It can also be helpful to join "pods" on Instagram DM or the Telegram app for added support! These groups have been a game changer for my online presence!

Remember, there are so many lovely, likewise Instagrammers that are in the same place as you- looking to connect!

So there it is- my complete guide to growing your INSTAGRAM! I hope this helps!!

xx, cc

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