How to Beat the Follow/Unfollow Game on Instagram

Everyone seems to be complaining about the follow / unfollow game recently on Instagram. For those of you who do not know what it is: it's when somebody follows you on Instagram just to get a follow back, then quickly unfollows you after. It's a frustrating game for those trying to grow their Instagram account!

My best advice to beat this game:

1. Follow only people that you love! If you follow accounts that you genuinely like only, you won't have to worry about who's unfollowing you and just enjoy the content you wanted to see anyways!

2. CONNECT. When somebody follows you, make a connection with that person- leave a genuine comment, respond nicely to a story, or give a compliment. If you make a connection with that person, I find they are less likely to unfollow you!

3. Stay in your own lane. Don't put your energy into focusing on who is unfollowing you- instead put your energy into your OWN account and success.

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Hope this helps! xx CC

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